6 Reasons Hearthstone Is The Perfect Game For Me


It just occurred to me that there are a lot of new nerd things in my life that I need to share with the internets. The newest one being the beta test of “Hearthstone”, the new online card battle game from Blizzard. I couldn’t bring myself to do some kind of game review for it, so I just decided to focus on the reasons this game is absolutely perfect for me. So without further ado, let’s get started!


6. Easy Time Management

Being an adult means having to take care of tedious things, such as go to work and pay the bills. These sort of detours can seriously get in the way of video game time, so having an online competitive game that only takes 5-20 minutes is something of a godsend. While I absolutely love titles such as League of Legends, Starcraft 2, and Team Fortress 2, trying to find the time to commit myself to those games can be difficult. LoL can last sometimes last up to an hour plus, and within that same amount of time I could play around 10 matches of Hearthstone.


5. Graphically Simple

For an online card game I wouldn’t expect much in terms of graphics, but because this is a Blizzard title, the presentation is still through the roof top notch stuff. It’s still a card game, though, so no matter how cool the boys and girls of Blizzard can make it, it’s always going to have a low demand in the graphics department. This makes my out-of-date “gaming” laptop happy, as it has a hard enough time running things. The fact that the frame rate doesn’t drop every five seconds makes the game experience and immersion all that more pleasing.


4. Turn Based Gameplay

Well, okay technically there is a time limit to your turn, so it’s more of a semi turn based game, but that’s still perfect for me. The fast paced nature of games like SC2 and TF2 can get my adrenaline pumping, but sometimes I just want something I can take my time on. Nothing is more anxiety producing than managing micro and macro on Starcraft, and nothing gets my blood boiling hotter than a Sniper popping my poor Pyro because I couldn’t find cover in time. With this, the pressure is still on to find a winning strategy within your turn’s time limit, but it goes at a much more comfortable pace and keeps my personal things from launching across the room out of rage.


3. Customization

With the multiple classes and endless amount of cards, this game gives me the option to make whatever kind of strategy I want. As someone who has upwards of sixty board games in his collection, I am a fan of not only strategy, but customizing cards to fit that strategy. Granted, most of these strats probably won’t work well, and most of the winning decks are already determined and can be found online, but the fact that it grants me the option is good enough for me.


2. It’s All You, Baby!

While I do love LoL and TF2, sometimes having to rely on other people to help you win can be a hassle. Not only do you have to try and find four other people to join a game of League, but then you all have to come to an agreement as to who’s going where, and then you have to pray that they know what they’re doing. The same with Team Fortress; I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen fail Pyros or begged anybody to run as Medic only to have my team fall to pieces because nobody wants to work together. The bonus in TF2 being you can just leave the game, but in LoL you have to suffer fools for at least 20 minutes. No worries about that in Hearthstone. Not only is it just you to worry about, but leaving the game doesn’t get you a slap on the wrist.


1. It’s Free

My wallets been feeling a little light after a series of unfortunate events, so to come across a game that meets all of my video game needs and also free is like Charlie finding that golden ticket. Granted, you do have the option to spend real money on bundles of decks, but you can buy decks with the in-game gold that’s given to you for playing matches also. I hear the arena costs money to play, but casual and ranked matches are completely free. You can play all day against people without spending a dime, and that’s quite possibly the best part of the whole shabang!


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