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My Top 5 Favorite King’s Quest Games

Posted in Uncategorized on July 12, 2012 by Danny_Noe

I’ve been a fan of Sierrra adventure titles ever since I was old enough to play games. They’ve had a profound effect on my life, giving me a huge heart towards adventure games, and the King’s Quest series has probably left the biggest impact on me. From appreciating game immersion, to increasing my ability to problem solve, to increasing my vocabulary and ability to type, I owe a lot to adventure games and wanted to share with you today my 5 all time favorite King’s Quest games.

5. King’s Quest 1: Quest for The Crown

I’m honestly not very familiar with the first three King’s Quest games, so I can’t really say much on them, but King’s Quest 1 holds a place on this list for simply being the first adventure game with full graphics and interactive environments. Prior to King’s Quest 1, adventure games were merely a screen full of text describing your surroundings and you would have to use all of your imagination to actually feel there. It’s not great for game immersion, and so when Ken and Roberta Williams came out with King’s Quest, they shattered the limitations of a text-only adventure. Granted, the graphics were simple and are severely dated, but for it’s time, it was a masterpiece and deserves a permanent place in the adventure game hall of fame.


4. King’s Quest 5: Absence Makes The Heart Grow Yonder

When I was a kid growing up, I was lucky enough to find a used copy of King’s Quest 5 at a gun show (I’m from Oklahoma, btw). Granted, this one has some flaws and isn’t necessarily spectacular, but recently replaying the game I’ve found it to be extremely enjoyable and fun. Picking this game up after so many years has filled me with all sorts of nostalgia, from exploring the witches forest, to trying to find my way around the western desert, I remembered spending hours enjoying this game and finding all the clues and solving the puzzles. Truly, this game does a fine job offering an exciting and fun filled adventure. It would almost be perfect if it weren’t for the hard to find items and that annoying bastard, Cedric.

3. King’s Quest 6: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow 

My sister had found a used copy of this game, and I think at first I wasn’t too interested in it, especially since you had to have the manual for a specific part of the game, making it a short lived experience, but later in life when I found out about and download a copy of the game plus the manual, I gave it another shot. It’s pretty amazing how clever and well thought out this game is. Everything about the puzzles feel challenging, but not needlessly confusing. The clues to the puzzles made sense and you didn’t feel cheated when you couldn’t solve a puzzle. The characters were interesting and well acted, the environments were colorful, and the whole feel of it was just plain good. It even has the best death scenes in the entire series; where all of the other King’s Quests would merely have a screen that more or less said “Hey, buddy. You’re dead.”, King’s Quest 6 showed Alexander (the main character) walking into the underworld and crossing into the land of the dead. Even more amazing (SPOILERS!) later on in the game, you have to actually travel into the very same underworld. I always thought that was pretty cool.

2. King’s Quest 4: The Perils of Rosella

So, not only is King’s Quest 4 the first King’s Quest game I’ve ever played, but it’s also the first adventure game I’ve ever played. For the sake of this countdown, I picked the game back up and gave it another play through, and I can’t believe how giddy it made me. From cleaning the gnomes’ house, to exchanging items around to get the flute, to being kidnapped by Lolotte, the evil witch of the game and being forced to bring her rare gifts spread across the land, this game has probably had the most influence on me as a game player. I can’t even begin to think of how many hours my sister and I spent trying to beat that game. Granted, as children we never did beat it, but as an adult I still have a wonderful sense of satisfaction by simply wandering around the world and interact with all the things. I love this game. Go play it.

1. King’s Quest 7: The Princeless Bride

When I was a kid the only Sierra adventure games we had were the older, DOS powered, 16 color adventures. Granted, they were amazingly entertaining, but I couldn’t imagine an adventure game with 256 colors, voice acting, and a full score. That all changed when I managed to obtain a copy of King’s Quest 7. Not only were my sister and I bedazzled over the fact that there existed a King’s Quest 5 and 6, but our brains were completely shattered when we laid eyes on this amazing game. With hand drawn animation, various and interesting scenery, and not one but TWO playable characters, this game had it all. Not only did Rosella return for adventures, but we even got to play as her mom, Valenice for the first (and only) time in King’s Quest history. From the dry desolate deserts, to the underground caves of the trolls, to mythical forests and bizarre animal towns, to the haunting land of Ooga Booga, to the lands in the sky, this game takes you all over the place giving you an amazing experience. This game is just straight up fantastic. In fact,  I think I’m going to go play it again right now. 


For anyone interested in trying any of these games, you can find the entire King’s Quest catalog at Enjoy!